Wedding Checklist

Organising your wedding day can be a stressful experience, but with a few simple plans in place it can be a really enjoyable experience.  The secret is to do as much as possible in the weeks leading up to the wedding leaving you to enjoy the day itself. We’ve come up with some handy wedding day advice to ensure your day goes without a hitch.


In the run-up

Drop things off at your venue
If you’ve splashed out on thank-yous for the out-of town guests, or gifts for the wedding party, pack everything into a bag and drop it at the venue the day before the wedding so you don’t have to think about carrying it around on the day itself.  The same thing applies to the cake – and even your dress if you’re planning to get ready at the venue.


Check the weather
We all pray for good weather on our wedding day, but in England you never can be too sure even in summer!  Don’t let a cloudy day or a chill in the air ruin your wedding – check ahead and see what the weather has in store. If it looks like rain, make sure to have enough umbrellas for all the wedding party if they will be walking between venues – and you could even do your own “Singing in the Rain” photo-shoot!


Vendor contacts
Have a handy contact list for all your vendors and suppliers just in case you need to get hold of any of them for any reason.


Pack a wedding night bag
You’re likely to be heading straight off on your honeymoon, but you’ll want a small bag that has everything you’ll need for your wedding night, a change of clothes for the morning, and a midnight snack (since no one seems to eat at their own wedding!)


Pack a big-day emergency kit
Pack a small kit of spare hair pins, hairspray, face powder, lip gloss and lipstick, hemming tape for last-minute repairs, gel pads for high heels, tissues and back-up copies of your music choices should something happen to the originals.


On the day

Get a good night sleep
Try to avoid having a late night and drinking alcohol the night before the wedding.  A good night’s sleep will do wonders in helping you feel relaxed and ready for the day ahead.


Leave time for wedding day beauty
Your wedding day is the perfect time to get pampered and it will help you look and feel your best. If you plan to get your hair and make-up done, make sure you allow at least two hours. Have manicures, pedicures, hair cuts, spray tans, waxing, or facials done at least two to three days beforehand rather than on your wedding day itself, so that there’s time to correct any mistakes or breakouts.


Getting into your dress
It’s easy to underestimate how long it will take to get into your dress.  Dresses with intricate buttons, corset backs or lots of layers will take longer than more simple styles. Have a trial run before the wedding day and see how long it takes, then factor that time into the day.


Eat something before the ceremony
It can be easy to skip a meal on your wedding day, but it’s important to eat something to keep you from feeling faint at the altar, or being famished while you’re posing for photos.  Have a good breakfast, then top up with a small snack before the ceremony.


Allow time with the registrar
You might have planned every aspect of the day down the last minutes, but if you’re having a civil service you will need to allocate around 20 minutes immediately before the ceremony is due to begin to meet with the registrar and go over the legal duties.


Breathe and calm nerves
Take a minute to yourself to breathe and calm down. Do some simple relaxation exercises to help manage wedding day stress.


How to pose

Professional models and actresses always look stunning – and a large part of this has to do with the way they pose.  There are lots of simple tricks you can do to make sure your wedding pictures come out looking just as good!


  • Don’t face the camera directly.  No matter how fabulous you look, this angle can be unflattering. Direct your body slightly away from the camera and twist to face it – making sure you show off your great smile!
  • Posing with your hands on your hips is an instant arm slimmer
  • For the perfect posture keep your shoulders back, push your chest forward and pull your tummy button in towards your spine.
  • Photo shoots can last a long time, so if you feel your smile start to stiffen, take a moment away from the camera to relax your face and then return with a dazzling smile.
  • Let your emotion show. Natural emotion caught on camera will help bring back those special moments of the day, so make the most of being able to hug, kiss and hold hands with your groom.
  • Determine your best angle. Get some friends to snap off a few photos of you and decide which side is more flattering, so you’ll know where to stand on the day.
  • If you’re sitting down, angle yourself slightly away from the camera.